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    During the school closures, you are able to access this page to find important updates and/or links to learning supports.

    Starred to the right of this text you will find a directory of resources organized by grade level. For each grade level, you will find links to the web pages and resources for each of Jackson Elementary's general education teachers. If your student is currently accessing general education instruction with one of the teachers, please have your student continue to access that teacher's classroom resources. If your student has yet to be associated with a general education class, reach out to me directly for guidance, or simply select one of the teachers class page to access grade level materials and resources. Check back in periodically to find more.

    For parents: For consultation regarding behavior that you are seeing while at home, feel free to call my cell phone, listed below, Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM or from 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM. I may be able to offer some valuable strategies and/or tools to support your student in developing positive prosocial behavior, even while at home.


    Luke Tomlinson


    Call or text (541)450-3937 with questions or concerns.





    Our Behavior Specialist, Nicole Richard has offered the following for consideration during the school closure:

    Hello out there! Periodically I will be sending out some tips, ideas and activities that you might find useful as you try to help your child with online learning, keeping them engaged when options are limited,  and keeping the peace in your household! 

    Tip #1 is use a schedule! The teachers in our building post schedules in their classrooms daily. This strategy helps students in many ways. When they have a plan, they know when activities start and end, when they can look forward to breaks, and they know what is expected of them.  You can use this same kind of strategy at home with your family. Sitting down in the evening to create a schedule with your child for the next day gives them power over how they will work, what they want their break times to look like, and more. 

    You know your child best and there are many different ways to create a schedule. Talk to them about their options. Some students thrive on routine. Your child might like things in the same order every day. Some students like to be creative and enjoy flexibility. This style might be more open to moving activities around, negotiating the length of activities and what resources they use. Another option is to make a list of things that need to be done and let your child decide as they go which one they want to choose next. 

    The big goal is that they are working, feeling a sense of ownership over their day, and  having positive interactions with the people around them. Another perk is that knowing what is coming next makes them less likely to need you to keep their day moving, and i know a lot of you are trying to get work done simultaneously. Picture examples of sample schedules are below, but there are no rules! Make a poster, set alarms on your phone, make a list, use magnets on your refrigerator...try to make it fun. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at NRichard@everettsd.org. Take care, everyone!