• We're making a difference in the community!  

    Everett Public Schools Foundation goal is to help the whole community. The need for help is great, yet the impact of the work the foundation does is huge!

    Whether you are an Everett Public Schools Foundation donor, a volunteer, or a local business partner, it is because of YOU that our impact has been making a difference! 

  • School Essentials

    Thanks to funding programs like Stuff the Bus and other work that the Everett Public Schools Foundation has done, all of our students can start the school year with backpacks and essential school supplies!

  • A Family With Nothing

    A parent seeking safety found herself and her child at a nearby shelter. They didn’t have anything—he needed school supplies, a backpack, underwear, socks, clothes, shoes, food. And we were able to get them on their feet and this parent was able to focus on herself finding them more permanent solutions. The student is thriving at Garfield Elementary and the parent is currently job hunting with our support.

  • Elementary Swim Support

    We were able to purchase towels for our students participating in the YMCA Splash program—a free program for our 3rd graders that is offered every year—two weeks of swim lessons, so that all of our students learn how to swim! It is an amazing program but our fund allows us to go even further to support our students in participating.

  • Abandoned Student

    A student was abandoned by his mom, left alone at Providence. We were able to get him clothes, basic needs items (hygiene), shoes, a backpack, and more supplies. Kathleen Stilwee, Garfield Elementary's principal, visited him at Providence and was able to bring him snacks, books, and school supplies. But most importantly, he was given some art supplies so he could draw. Eventually, we secured some stability for him with an amazing couple—we were able to get them started with his needs as well. They were beyond grateful!