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    The Everett Public School’s HS Online Options is one of the oldest and most successful virtual learning programs in Washington State.  The program started in 2001 in an effort to provide increased options and opportunities to the district’s students.

    Our Mission

    At HS Online Options, our Mission is to ensure all students have access to a personalized and individualized online learning experience that is rich, rigorous and supported by outstanding teachers ready to assist students achieve high-standards and be successful in a global society.


    The impetus of the program in 2001, was a growing number of families who were looking for graduation courses outside of the district. The disturbing finding was that they were having a dismal 38% success rate with these outside programs and, compounding their need for remediation as they became even more credit deficit.

    The development of the aforenamed OnlineHS program served as a home-grown solution as students could have Everett Public School district developed curriculum, work with Everett District teachers, and importantly:  Have success!

    The program has evolved to a year-round program (Fall, Spring, & Summer) offering a comprehensive catalog of courses that include: core courses, elective, AP, College In the High School, & Career/Technical Education classes. Students have the flexibility to take courses for enrichment, to get ahead, or for remediation.

    State Department of Education

    The HS Online Options program is recognized by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (OSPI) Digital Learning Department as a Single District Online School Program (link).

    HS Online Options does not currently sell courses it’s courses or compete with other districts for students. While a growing number of districts around the state have partnered with private businesses, Everett Public Schools has made a commitment to it’s families to serve them first and best.


    Everett Public School’s HS Online Options Program is accredited through AdvancED, formerly the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC).


    The HS Online Options directly employs the most outstanding teachers from the Everett School District. All of our online teachers are Washington State Certified subject-matter experts and receive training, twice a year, in “best practices” for online learning. Our experienced staff have all taught a minimum of five years, with a few having over a decade of experience working with students in the virtual world.


    HS Online Options continues to experience rapid enrollment as more and more families realize the value of individualized and personalized learning through online learning. Due to the increased popularity, this past Spring we maximized our enrollment and were unfortunately forced to put students on a waiting list. The Everett School District continues its commitment to the HS Online Options  program and continues to look at ways for it to expand.

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    Important to the success of our program is the success of our students. We work hard to ensure student success and currently have an 86% rate which exceeds most online learning programs in the State.


    Digital Learning Department (OSPI) – Annual Reports:

    These are annual reports covering all online programs in Washington State and produced by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Digital Learning Department (DLD). The links are to the PDF’s as provided from the DLD’s full reporting page:


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