2023 Classroom Grant Winners

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    In 2023, the Everett Public Schools Foundation had 72 Classroom Grant applications and was able to award 62 grants in 24 of our schools for a total of $41,200.  We are grateful for our partnership with Friends of the Mill Creek Library who helped fund 6 of these grants for $3,600. We couldn't do this work without our community support! 

    We are proud to recognize our amazing teachers that work hard each and every day to inspire our students to learn by sharing their passion and creativity in their classrooms!  


    Congratulations to our winners!


    Cascade High School:

    • Amalia Pimenta                  Bruin Reading Joy! Manga Grant 2.0
    • Jose Cervantes-Aguilar     "Worldwide Communities - Making Connections through Literature"
    • Cam Ferreira                       ‘Inclusive Education & Empowering Equity:  Bringing “Stamped” to Ethnic Studies’"
    • Terri McAlister                    The Nutcracker-Inclusion into the Community


    Cedar Wood Elementary:

    • Kelly Anderson                  Engaging Families Through a Book Study
    • Breanne Elegan                 Sensory Support


    Emerson Elementary:

    • Jenna Nicholas                  Soaring on Stage
    • Mercedes Clark                 Providing an Inclusive Playground Option
    • Maggie Doud                     Falcons SOAR'N & BREAK'N


    Evergreen Middle School:

    • Katherine Castorena        Art Club Grant
    • Monica Haule                    La Chispa!
    • Theresa Kemp                   Nutrition Manipulatives for Diverse Learners
    • Gabriel Dart                       Science Department Classroom Libraries
    • Joseph Gudorf                   Band is Awesome


    Forest View Elementary:

    • Tate Loftin                          "Increasing our understanding of ourselves, our culture, and Native cultures through art"


    Gateway Middle School:

    • Valentina Tsygankova-Ryabukha               Festival Transportation
    • Dyann Swaney                                              Art on the move
    • Pamela Weaver                                            Choir Accompanist Grant


    Hawthorne Elementary:

    Holly N. Small                                   Seeds of Hope

    Katherine Henson                            RULER Library


    Heatherwood Middle School:

    • Lesley Moffat                         Band Buddies & GrandBuddies
    • Gintare Seiger                        Transportation for Heatherwood Middle School Choir


    HM Jackson High School:

    • David Hutt & PE Dept           Alternative Backyard Games - Cornhole.
    • Chiu-Hsin Lin                         "Strokes of Culture: Appreciate Chinese Language and Culture Through Calligraphy”


    Jackson Elementary:

    • Lindsay Free                         Body System Manipulatives
    • Margo Gough                       Manipulatives for Many Learners!
    • Colin McHargue                   RULER materials
    • Juhi Furia                              Multisensory Learning
    • Marissa Wegner                  Sensory Tools for ALL Learners
    • Michael Coble                     Drama Club
    • Heidi Bradley                       Empowering Readers



    Jefferson Elemantary:

    • Andrea Aguilera                Equitable Access for All!
    • Sarah Adams                     Engaging and Rigorous Fine Motor Fun
    • Emily Magley                     4th Grade Mural


    Lowell Elementary:

    • Jade Baker                             My Family is Not Alone
    • Kelly Marks                           "Implementation of Comprehensive Literacy for All - Teaching Students with Significant Disabilities to Read and Write."
    • Theresa Thompson              Diverse Books for All


    Madison Elementary:

    • Amy Socha                              Science Comes Alive!
    • Nicole Manuel-Johnson       Bowling is up OUR alley!
    • Julie Smith                              Share our story with bilingual books
    • Emily Cheever                        Everybody gets to play music!



    Mill Creek Elementary:

    • Kristy Wood                           Start the Day With Play
    • Cristina Ripley                       Culturally Responsive Art in the Classroom


    North Middle School:

    • ELA 6th-7th Dept.                Padlet Parley
    • Marie Cave                           Headphones with boom microphones for MLL classes
    • Louis Staples                        Sketchbooks for Art at North



    Penny Creek Elementary:

    • Janet Hudson & PCE Staff      "Pocket Talk Translation Devices: Helping to Eliminate Communication Barriers"
    • Deb Strong                                Creation Station: Spreading Kindness
    • Dana Vance                               Going Beyond....


    Silver Firs Elementary:

    • Bridget Slaven                  Microbiology and Forensic Science


    Silver Lake Elementary:

    Amy Rounds                             "Creating Lifelong Learners with Differentiated Phonics Materials"


    Tambark Creek Elementary:

    Angie Huang-Bagaason           "Bilingual and Translated Books for Multilingual Learners and Families"


    View Ridge Elementary:

    • Carrie Davis                       Floor Puzzle Fun!


    Whittier Elementary:

    • Hillary Shearer                  These Aren't Gadgets!
    • Sophia Schoop                  Multiplication Cards
    • Carrie Franco                     Culturally Responsive Read Alouds for First Graders
    • Elisabeth Hull                   "Diverse Voice, Vibrant Tales: Enriching Kindergarten Literacy through Multicultural Storybooks"



    Woodside Elementary:

    • Stacy Story                                Buddy Benches for Woodside
    • Lindsey Lippert                         Making STEAM Accessible for ALL Students
    • Tricia Hill                                    Adaptive Equipment for Music and PE
    • Hannah Yoder Wells                Life Skills Sensory Items
    • Amanda Zech                            Books for All