• Individual Counseling  

    I am available for short term individual counseling with students to help children understand and accept themselves, cope with family changes or crises, and to develop decision making skills, problem solving strategies, anger management techniques, friendship making skills, and/or coping skills for handling emotions .

    Students can request to talk with me directly, or they may be referred by their teachers, other staff members, and/or parents. Parents and guardians are welcome to call me to share any concerns about their child and I will follow up with the child to determine the best way to support the student at school. If long term counseling is needed, I am happy to share what resources I have with the family.

           The Garfield Social Work department provides individual counseling services. As the need  arises , we are available to help our students with  short term problem solving, crisis intervention and conflict resolution. 
           However, due the hectic nature of elementary school counseling services ,  these interventions are time limited. If needed, as a result of our meeting with  an individual student, we may recommend supporting the student through small group counseling or through our alternative recess program called , The Amazing Race Alternative Recess Program.
            In addition, students and families may need more in-depth counseling offered by an outside counseling provider.  I can be of help in navigating the community system. 
            Supportive counseling services are also available to parents and guardians on a session limited basis.