Welcome to Ms. Calsyn's Class

  • Elizabeth Caslyn

     Welcome 4th grade Emerson Families!

    I'm so excited to begin this year. Obviously this beginning is different than what we expected. Doesn't mean good, bad, just different. 

    Since we all have had experience with online learning, this year will be different than last year. My tech skills have improved, but like many of you, I'm still learning. 

    Since we do not know for sure how this school year will progress, it is extremely important to be engaged with your learning as much as you can. What this means is, participate in zoom meetings as much as possible, complete learning tasks and turn them in, and participate in class discussions. Each student voice needs to heard and that is important to me. 

    This year we will be using Canvas as our learning platform. Please check our Canvas page using student tools and clicking on the Canvas button (square). 


    Be safe, be healthy.


                           Elizabeth Calsyn