Variances & School Transfers

All About "Variances"


Students usually attend a school designated by that student's home address. Requesting a "variance" means asking to attend a school not associated with the student's home address. Variances are approved or denied based on a number of reasons, including whether or not there is enough space for additional students.
Approval or denial is based upon space availability, class size and school growth patterns, attendance patterns at the current or last school, a student's disciplinary history, and variance application receipt date. 
Families of students on variances provide their own punctual transportation to and from the nonresidential school.
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What schools are open to variances for 2017-2018 school year, and how is that determined? 

Each winter Everett Public Schools updates its projections for student enrollment for the next school year and this information is used to determine how many students each school can adequately and safely educate in existing classrooms and other instructional spaces.

When the annual student enrollment projections indicate there is not enough space for additional students or when a school is undergoing major construction, those schools are not able to accept variance requests for the next school year.

The table below outlines the schools that are open to new variance requests and those that are closed. 

Open to New Variances for 2017-18

Closed to New Variances for 2016-17

Elementary Schools 


Middle Schools




High Schools


Elementary Schools

Cedar Wood


Forest View



(Lighthouse Program*)


Mill Creek


Penny Creek

Silver Firs

Silver Lake

View Ridge



Middle Schools




High Schools




Updated: 2/22/2017
 *A district choice school/program is open for in-district enrollment transfers depending on space availability but is closed to students outside of Everett Public Schools.

When to apply for a variance:

  • During open enrollment for the upcoming school year (January 1- June 1).
  • Midyear variance (see below).

Open enrollment process for the 2017-2018 school year

The open enrollment period for next year's variances is Jan. 1, 2017, through June 1, 2017. Variance applications must be submitted during that time for the student to receive approval or denial notice by the end of June 2017. High school variances received by Feb. 15, 2017, will receive notice of approval or denial on or around March 15, 2017. Variances submitted after June 1, 2017, will receive notice of approval or denial by the end of the first week of school in September.

In-district Area Variance --You live within the boundaries of Everett Public Schools:

If you live within the boundaries of one Everett Public Schools, but want your student to attend a different Everett school, please complete an In-District Area Variance Form 
In-District Area variances should be submitted to the school you wish to variance to during the open enrollment period. 


Non-resident Variance --You live outside the boundaries of Everett Public Schools: 


If you live outside Everett Public Schools and want to attend an Everett school you must go to your home district’s administrative office and fill out their Choice Transfer Form (out-of-district variance/transfer).  Your home district will process the form and submit it online to Everett Public Schools.

Each district has a slightly different procedure for obtaining their district release form, but every school district understands the process. Call your district's administration center for help and questions about their form.
Non-Resident variances are granted for one full school year, or until the end of the current school year. Families wishing to remain at their non-residential school must remember to apply for a variance each year.

Click here for links to surrounding area district variance/school transfer information. 



Midyear variance requests:

Applications for either an in-district variance or a non-resident variance during a school year are accepted through March 31 each year. After March 31 each year, applications for variances are accepted only when students have changed their residential address and wish to continue at their current school. 

Applications received after the first day of each school year are reviewed during the last week of each month. Notification about midyear applications are mailed by the second week of the next month.


Kindergarten variance requests:

  • Neighborhood area children receive first preference for kindergarten classes.
  • Parents need to provide transportation for students on variances.
  • Variances for kindergarten may be submitted during open enrollment between Jan. 1 and June 1 of each year. Approval/denial notices are sent on or around June 30 of each year. Many times due to projection difficulties at the kindergarten grade level variance decisions are held until late August once class sizes can be better determined.

How to apply for your child to attend kindergarten at a school outside of your service area:

Area variance students: Register at your neighborhood school first and then submit your area variance request to the school that you wish to attend.

Non-resident variance students: Complete a Choice Transfer Request with your resident school district office. The resident district will submit the request electronically to Everett Public Schools.



If you are NEW to Everett Public Schools you will need to have a Student Background Form completed by your current/past school and submit it along with your variance application to the school you wish to attend. 

NEW students who have an IEP must submit a copy of the IEP with their variance request. Variances submitted without a copy of the student's IEP will be considered incomplete and will not be processed until a copy of the IEP has been submitted. 

Additional variance information is available from your school and the Variance Office.

Variance Office:

Shanai Cole, Administrative Assistant
email: variances@everettsd.org
Phone: 425-385-4070

Fax: 425-385-4012