District Leadership

Dr. Gary Cohn, Superintendent (425-385-4018/4019)
Dear Everett Public Schools community members,                                     
We focus a great deal of energy and spirit on the "what” in education – “what” it takes and “how” we can support each student’s learning. More important to me, though, is the "why” of our commitment to this work on behalf of each student.

My commitment to this work starts with an undying belief that all men and women are created equal. You may share this fundamental belief based upon a legal framework, a political framework, or a spiritual or religious framework -- or all of these. I believe the basis for this belief is not as important as the actions we take to affirm it, day in and day out – things we do to ensure that each student has equality of opportunity, and equity of access to the fulfillment of dreams.

The second part of the "why” of this work is the concept of social justice. Social justice takes many forms – in education I see it as a commitment to removing barriers for those students for whom such barriers prevent their success in school today and in their lives tomorrow. Quality public education can overcome the social injustices which so many of our students and their families and ancestors have endured. To me, this is the essence of a “calling” to education. It is given full throated voice in our district’s values and our priorities for success for each child entrusted to us.

Educators are truly graced to be working together in a field that can make such positive differences in the lives of students, and through them, the world they will surely inherit.
Warm wishes,
Dr. Gary Cohn