Caroline Mason

Caroline Mason Appointed: January 2014
Elected: November 2015
Phone: 425-238-7308
Email: caroline.mason@everettsd.org
Ms. Mason is the liaison for the following schools:
Everett High School
Evergreen Middle School
Jackson Elementary School
Madison Elementary School
View Ridge Elementary School
Ms. Mason earned a master’s degree in business administration from Seattle University and a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from the University of Washington. She owns Motion Marketing in Everett, a marketing communications company she founded in 2001. Her previous experience includes Nextel Communications and AT&T Wireless Services (formerly McCaw Cellular Communication).

Ms. Mason has been an active volunteer in the community, serving on the City of Everett Salary Commission, Everett Public Schools Fiscal Advisory Council, Citizens Levy and Bond Committee, and Imagine Children’s Museum board of directors. Ms. Mason has two children attending Everett Public Schools.