Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying Reporting

Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying (HIB) Incident Reporting Forms:
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Everett Public Schools maintains a safe, respectful and secure learning environment for all students that is free from harassment, intimidation and bullying. Everett Public Schools core values include our commitment to value differences among people and treat one another respectfully. In accordance with Washington state RCW 28A.300.285, harassment, intimidation and bullying of students by other students, by staff members, by volunteers, by parents or by guardians is prohibited.

Everett Public Schools will abide by district policy 3204 and procedure 3204P.

If a student has experienced harassment, intimidation or bullying, it should be reported to school counselors, school teachers or administrators by the targeted student, his/her friends, family, and/or witnesses. School administrators will intervene.

To report unresolved, severe or persistent harassment, you can:


Everett Public Schools HIB Contacts

District HIB Compliance Officer Robert Polk 425-385-4260 RPolk@everettsd.org

Cascade High School Robert Aguilar 425-385-6000 RAguilar@everettsd.org
Everett High School Mitch Entler 425-385-4400 MEntler@everettsd.org
Henry M. Jackson High School Blythe Young 425-385-7000 BYoung2@everettsd.org
Sequoia High School Kelly Shepherd 425-385-5100 KShepherd@everetsd.org
Eisenhower Middle School Shonnon Koehnen   425-385-7500 SKoehnen@everettsd.org
Evergreen Middle School Lauren Kleinschmidt 425-385-5700 LKleinschmidt@everettsd.org
Gateway Middle School Kalle Spear 425-385-6600
Heatherwood Middle School Jeff Jones 425-385-6300 JJones@everettsd.org
North Middle School Andre Samuels 425-385-4800 ASamuels@everettsd.org
Cedar Wood Elementary School David Jones 425-385-7700 DJones@everettsd.org
Emerson Elementary School Paul Edwards 425-385-6200 PEdwards@everettsd.org
Forest View Elementary School Darren Larama 425-385-7900 dlarama@everettsd.org
Garfield Elementary School Monique Beane 425-385-4700 MBeane@everettsd.org
Hawthorne Elementary School Celia O'Connor-Weaver 425-385-4600 COConnor-Weaver@everettsd.org
Jackson Elementary School Falicia Green 425-385-5600 FGreen@everettsd.org
Jefferson Elementary School Elizabeth Kelley 425-385-7400 ekelley@everettsd.org
Lowell Elementary School Cindy Foster 425-385-5300 CFoster@everettsd.org
Madison Elementary School Kimberly Gilmore 425-385-5900 KGilmore@everettsd.org
Mill Creek Elementary School Brenda Fuglevand 425-385-6800 BFuglevand@everettsd.org
Monroe Elementary School Gerard Holzman 425-385-7300 GHolzman@everettsd.org
Penny Creek Elementary School Maggie Heater 425-385-7200 MHeater@everettsd.org
Silver Firs Elementary School Kim Brenner 425-385-6500 KBrenner@everettsd.org
Silver Lake Elementary School Elizabeth Nunes 425-385-6900 ENunes@everettsd.org
View Ridge Elementary SchoolTina Farias 425-385-5400 kfarias@everettsd.org
Whittier Elementary School Tony Wentworth 425-385-4300 TWentworth@everettsd.org
Woodside Elementary School Betty Cobbs 425-385-7800 BCobbs@everettsd.org