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    Hello Students and Families!

    My name is Cristina Ripley, and I am the Art/SEL Specialist at Mill Creek Elementary School. I teach Art/SEL Class. K-5 students will receive art education all year! The district curriculum I will use is called "The Art of Education".

    The Art of Education curriculum is aligned with Washington State and national standards for art education. The program includes social emotional learning (SEL) integration and also includes diverse and global art examples.

    I am passionate about art and thrilled to provide art education to your students.  Sometimes our art projects will require more support with materials and application. Did you know our PTA has an art volunteer program? If you are interested in helping me in the art classroom, please visit the PTA website and look up their volunteer programs for more information.

    We have wonderful artists in our community.  I am so grateful to collaborate with our MCE art docents who enrich MCE art education with their knowledge and skills. 



    Mrs. Ripley