Educational Resources

  • Research proves that getting involved in your child's education is the most important thing you can do to make him or her a better student. And -- with schools now asking every student to meet a set of new, more challenging academic standards -- your help is more important than ever.

    One new and exciting resource to help families support education is the internet. Below is a list of online resources which may be of help to you and your children

    Imagine Children's Museum
    Snohomish County's own children's museum. This website provides information about the museum, its exhibits and fun facts.
    Online brochures aimed at helping your child with homework. Many of the materials are translated into Spanish. This website also offers information on preparation for college and financial aid.
    A fascinating window to the world of science, including a step-by-step dissection of a cow's eye in photographic detail, with student narration.
    Partnership for Learning's website--a non-profit organization working to help parents learn more about changes in schools.
    Students will find more than 1,500 helpful tutorials in mathematics, English and science. These interactive multimedia tutorials are based on core curricula, and can be accessed from any computer, any time.