Elementary Progess Reporting


Everett Public Schools schedules face to face parent conferences in October and March to allow teachers and parents to partner in supporting student progress. In addition to the fall and spring conferences and updates directly from the classroom teacher throughout the school year,  a formal progress report is sent home in February and June.

In these reports teachers share progress of student growth as measured by grade level standards in mathematics, communications, reading, writing, science, social studies, fitness, health, visual arts, and music.  In 2011 Washington State adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in literacy and mathematics. This year's progress report standards reflect the instructional shift to the CCSS standards.

In each area the year standards will be listed. Each semester has clear instructional focus and those assessed areas will have a score reflecting a student's current performance level. Teachers  will also indicate if a student has made significant, steady or minimal progress over the course of a given semester.

Elementary teachers also take care to provide feedback on how well students exhibit the behaviors the promote learning like self-direction, cooperation and attention to quality.



View our Elementary Progress  informational letter and example progress reports by grade level and program below: (Letter translations Spanish: Russian)

Kindergarten K-English K-Spanish K-Russian
First G1-English G1-Spanish G1-Russian
Second G2-English G2-Spanish G2-Russian  
Third G3-English G3-Spanish G3-Russian  
Fourth G4-English G4-Spanish G4-Russian
Fifth G5-English G5-Spanish G5-Russian  

Second Highly Capable G2HC-English G2HC-Spanish G2HC-Russian
Third Highly Capable G3HC-English G3HC-Spanish G3HC-Russian
Fourth Highly Capable G4HC-English G4HC-Spanish G4HC-Russian
Fifth Highly Capable G5HC-English G5HC-Spanish G5HC-Russian