Behavior Expectations

  • girl with desk Expectations For Mill Creek Elementary Students
    All students at MCE follow our Cougar P.R.I.D.E. behavior expectations.  Cougar P.R.I.D.E. means:
    P:  Polite
    R:  Respectful
    I:  Independent Thinker
    D:  Do your Best
    E:  Everyone Cooperates
     Here's more about Cougar Pride and how it works:

    A school community runs smoothly and learning time is maximized when expectations are clearly outlined and communicated. When the expectations are common around the school campus, consistently acknowledged and enforced students know what to expect and how to respond.  For these reasons I am  excited to have Cougar PRIDE as a school wide expectation.


    Cougar PRIDE is a classroom management system that is focused on teaching the students how to manage themselves in a responsible, productive and positive way. The letters in PRIDE each stand for the following learner traits: Be Polite, Be Responsible, Be an Independent Thinker, Do Your Best and Everyone Cooperates.  These expectations will be clearly introduced by every teacher and during a school assembly the first week of school. During monthly assemblies students who are self-managers and leaders in other ways around school will be recognized in very simple ways.


    Cougar PRIDE starts with each student receiving 100 points at the beginning of the month. Students lose points in various categories that relate to Cougar PRIDE. An explanation of the categories will be shared with students and a copy sent home to you. The categories may differ slightly between grade levels. Students maintain Self Manager status if they have 90 or more points the whole month. Classrooms will recognize self-managers in addition to being recognized at the school assembly.


    If a student is not a self-manager one month, they will work with their teacher to review where points were lost and how they can improve their management skills for the new month. You are encouraged to follow your child's progress toward self-management and to work closely with the teacher when questions arise.


    Students are expected to be self-managers on the playground, in the cafeteria, during specials and everywhere throughout the school.  I look forward to helping all students learn the skills to be self-managers and to supporting them along the way.