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    Welcome kindergarten families! Thank you for all your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

    On this webpage you will find links to district student tools.

    Updated information and activites can be found on our Google Classroom. 


    Directions to access out Google Classroom:

    1. Go to: classroom.google.com

     google search


    2. Your child already has a Google account through the district.  Do not make a new one.

     Type in your child’s student ID number, followed by @apps.everettsd.org

     For example: 000000@apps.everettsd.org

     google signin


    3. Next type in your child’s student ID for username and password.

     Do not add @apps.everettsd.org this time.

     eps login


    4.Click on “Join” for Mrs. Denning’s Google Classroom.

     google classroom


    If you have questions or need support accessing our resources please email me directly at edenning@everettsd.org


    I look forward to seeing you all again soon!