• Hello Forest View community!

    Click HERE for the Morning 5, and HERE for my latest Daily Challenge FlipGrid Video then do the challenge and leave a response here

    My name is Derek Ryals, and I am currently the PE teacher at Forest View Elementary school.  I have a passion for fitness and health, and support having our students moving as much as possible throughout their daily lives. 

    If you are completing the daily challenges, make sure to watch this FlipGrid video, and then start uploading your own!  Click Here for instructions, and click the top right link to post (Student will need their district email - #####@apps.everettsd.org address to login.  I will be checking and responding to all of these daily!  **For each challenge completed and put onto FlipGrid in a day, I will be doing 1 BURPEE and putting it onto the grid).

    For a quick and easy daily activity, click on the Daily Challenge calendar to the left.  Each day there is a Morning 5 (or there is video explanation to the right), and a challenge for the student to complete - all at once or broken into sets.  There are demonstration videos linked to each day to help remind students about the movements.

    Additionally, I will be uploading weekly videos of activities they may do at home under "At Home Activities."  The videos will include demonstrations of the weekly activity as well as suggestions on ways to stay active and healthy during this break.


    Click Here for GoNoodle Instructions

    How to join my Google Classroom (Classroom Code: 7mv2ewv)

    Derek Ryals