• Buy One Get One Free Summer Reading Book Fair

    When: June 6-10th during student's scheduled library time

    A family evening event will be Thursday June 9th from 4pm-7pm with Food Trucks

    Students will be able to make purchases during their library time using cash or eWallet. Click below to see how eWallet works. It's an easy and safe way for kids to make purchases. Click HERE


    To view the Book Fair Website and Sign up for eWallet Click below



    Library Schedule! Students will be able to purchase on the day of their library - See below

    *Sprong’s class come on various days with 4th grade. Please ask the teacher what library day your student has library

    ** 1st Grade is on a rotation, but the days listed for each class is the correct day for that week. Kelly's class will come with Abendroth's class on Thursday that week

    Monday: McHarness, Henrickson, Goldstein, Slater, Cefalu, Tidwell

    Tuesday: Hulteng, Grosvenor, Daybert, Uberti, Atkins, D. Johnson

    Wednesday: Murphy, Vaughan, Thomas, Low, B-Nelson, Beatty

    Thursday: Roach, Larson, Laroche, Abendroth and Kelly together, Kummerle, Williams

    Friday: M.Johnson, Pfohl, Hils, Graham, Crump

    We Need Your Help!

    Click the link below to sign up (Must be an approved Volunteer) 


    To apply to be a volunteer in the Everett Public Schools click below