Hi, Parents! You are in the place where you will find information regarding working with your child from home.  Click on the links below in purple and the tabs on the menu to be directly connected to the necessary information. There will be several ways you and your child can engage in his/her learning throughout each week.  Below are some ways in which teachers can monitor each student's engagement in learning.  This is what we will be using to provide feedback and to do final progress reports in June.


    • Weekly Learning and Engagement Plans for the activities our kindergarten team has chosen for you to do with your children each week.  Please note that because your children are kindergarteners, you will need to look at the plans, do any preparation (mostly printing a few worksheets and preparing with a specified notebook and writing utensils), and make sure someone can work with your child and be there to help with any issues.  Many of the activities are things your child can do independently, but they most likely will not be able to read the directions independently.
    • Tracking participation will be key to our ability to support you and your child to the best of my ability.  The Seesaw application will be our main source for noting each child's participation and to provide meaningful feedback from many of the assignments your child completes.
    • I will also be using our Monday/Wednesday zoom sessions to provide your child with some instruction that is also geared toward parents learning how to work with their children on that particular skill.  Although the actual instruction is for your child, I will speak to the parents often throughout the sessions explaining things as necessary.  Most parents find this quite beneficial.
    • iReady is a great way for your child to spend time reading and doing activities specifically at his/her level.  Once settled on the computer, you should not have to monitor as closely as the program will choose the assignments specific to your child.  The user name and password are both your child's school ID number.


    As always, please do not hesitate to contact me via email if you have questions or are unable to get any of the links to work.


    The Everett School District's Plan