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    Here is assignment 2! This will be posted to google classroom for any students who have joined their speech classroom.

     For Grade 2 thru Grade 5:

    Follow this link for "S": S practice words

    Follow this link for "R": R practice words


    For Grade K-1:

    Here is practice for S-blends: S-blends practice

    Here is practice for L: L practice


    For Preschoolers:

    See S-blends and L above

    Here is practice for "K": "K" practice


    Here is assignment 1:

    Pick a favorite book.

    If you are reading age, read the book aloud to a parent or family member and watch carefully for words with your target speech sound.

    If you are learning to read, you may pick a picture book and tell the story to a parent or family member using the pictures in the book. Use your very best speech sounds while telling the story.

    Repeat this activity as often as you wish over the next week.



    Email me with any questions: SMoore@everettsd.org