• The provider employs the following to ensure the delivery of a high quality program.


    [DLD D 1:  Multiple modes of assessing course effectiveness including feedback solicited about the quality of the course design, content, instruction, support systems, and infrastructure from students, parents, and school staff; findings are used as basis for improvement.]

    EVIDENCE– Feedback:

    Feedback is regularly solicited from student, parents, and staff. It’s important we’re meeting the needs of our district’s student/families and supporting the needs or our district’s schools.

    We try to be agile and engage in on-going improvement when it makes sense. Two specific examples of ways we’ve used feedback as a basis of improvement

    • Two years ago, school counselors asked us to be present on school campuses, especially at the beginning of a term to help new students, because they thought face-to-face assistance would assist students get-off to a good start. We used that feedback to institutionalize a system where we have OnlineHS staff on every campus at least once a week.
    • Last year students requested additional options in physical education, so we expanded to add a Walking course this Spring.



    [DLD D 2: Planned, scheduled course updates ensure content timeliness and functionality.]

    EVIDENCE– Program item:



    [DLD D 3: Opportunities for students and teachers to review and evaluate courses on a regular basis.]

    EVIDENCE– Evaluations:

    At the end of each semester, we get a lot of feedback from our students, who each complete a survey based on their online learning experience. We find the student feedback honest and refreshing. We find common trends to drive discussion in our OnlineHS staff meetings and Professional Learning Community.
    We are interested in learning what students like, because we want to continuing doing more of those items. We also want to solve the things we can, that they don’t like.
    We rely on this regular feedback to help drive our program to continued improvement.



    [DLD D 4: An internal review process documenting course reliability, completeness, and effectiveness.]

    EVIDENCE– District & Program item:

    Courses are developed and assessed by standardized quality assurance protocols prior to student participation. This happens:

    • During course development
    • Deployment prior to the start of each semester
    • At the end of the year, after aggregating feedback from students, completion/passing rates, & grades we answer the questions: Does the passing rate indicate the course is effective in teaching the standards/skills? Is the passing rate consistent across schools, grades, & gender to be a reliable measure of learning?

    Ongoing review and revision are managed by OnlineHS staff director and administrator(s).