Our uniform program serves students in three valuable ways:

    Basic Need- Uniforms are a great solution to providing students with quality clothing to attend school each day. Uniforms support equality for all students regardless of their socio-economic status. When a student needs clean clothes, we can provide them with a loaner uniform while we wash theirs at school.

    Sense of Belonging- Uniforms help create a sense of belonging for all students at Hawthorne Elementary School. When students put on the uniform, they are a part of our community. As a part of the community, they know we are here to educate them and support them through their early years. It ensures that students are easily identifiable and helps maintain a safe learning environment.

    Promotion of Academic Scholarship- Uniforms are a clear and consistent reminder that education is important. When students are at school, they can focus on learning and focus less on what everyone is wearing in the classroom. This creates a calm learning environment.


    Families can purchase additional uniform items at the following locations, in-store or online. These are some places that our families have shopped in the past: Target www.target.com, Old Navy www.oldnavy.com, Walmart www.walmart.com, Children’s Place www.childrensplace.com, Amazon.com, Goodwill, Value Village, and other thrift stores.

    For additional uniform information or assistance, please contact our office at (425) 385-4600.


    · Items: Pants, Shorts, Capris, Skort/Skirt, leggings, jumper, or dress

    · Colors: royal blue, navy blue, blue, khaki, tan, red, gray, or black


    · Items: long or short sleeve shirts, t-shirts, collar shirts, button downs, or turtleneck

    · Colors: royal blue, navy blue, white, red, gray, or any Hawthorne logo apparel

    Warm Layers:

    · Items: sweater, cardigan, sweatshirt, or hoodies

    · Colors: royal blue, navy blue, white, red, or gray, or any Hawthorne logo apparel

    Outer Layers:

    · Items: Jackets, coats, and hats can be worn outside only

    · Colors: Any color is allowed and can be worn outside only


    · Items: Shoes should be safe and appropriate for children’s play or PE class

    · Colors: Any color is allowed

    Not Approved Items:

    · Clothing with logos or graphics, unless Hawthorne logo apparel

    · Coats and hats are not allowed in the classrooms