• Mrs. Campbell's photo Dear families and students,

    Stay well and be healthy over this extended break.  I miss you already, but your safety is of utmost importance to me!

    Please do your packet.  Just a few pages a day.  Please don't try to do more.  Set aside time each day for some schoolwork.  Maybe someone at home can read to you.  If you don't have many books at home, you can go online to Youtube and listen to a read-aloud book.  Type in any title you can think of.  Also, libraries have online access to a lot of their books.  If you can, Amazon Audible membership is another place to listen to books.  Audible often offers a free trial membership.

    Try to limit time playing video games.  Get outdoors and explore and exercise.  Go on a drive with your family if possible.  Groom your pet, take him for a walk, play with him.  Help someone in your family with chores.  Do something nice for a family member. Make memories with your friends and family.  

    You can contact me at mcampbell@everettsd.org  If parents want to share ideas of what they are doing with their kids during this time, then send me ideas and I will update this message with some of them.  I will return any emails I receive within 24hours and I will try to update this website weekly.  

    Make sure you look at the Interesting Web Resources section of this website and the learning technology in the Hawthorne main website.

     Thank you,

    Melissa Campbell