• Hello Hawthorne Families!

    Welcome to my classroom website.  First of all, I hope each of you are home and feeling well. These are challenging times for sure, but I know that our community is strong and we will work together to make sure that our students are maintainng their skills to the best of our ability during this period of mandatory school closure.


    I have already sent home work that I know your child is able to do largely independently.  They are used to working with these tools.  They may need some guidance along the way.  Just do what you can every day.  Make time for a walk to enjoy the sunshine and the signs of spring.  Talk about what you see and think about having your child write a short couple of sentences on the signs of spring. 

    I would like students to focus on the basics during this time of school closure.  Below are the learning activities that your student should focus on most.

         Explode the Code (phonics workbook sent home 3-5 pages per week), Drops in the Bucket (math activity packet2-4 pages per week), iReady Reading (on the computer), iReady Math (on the computer).

    Each student should ideally log 45 minutes per week on iReady in both math and reading.  This number of minutes has been shown to have the greatest impact on student learning.  If you have multiple students in the house this may be challenging.  I would set up a daily schedule and have each student in your house work for 20 minutes SET A TIMER! 

    For students in Gr. 4 and 5, I am a co-teacher on their classroom teacher's Google Classroom page.  I will be posting some alternative assignments for students who need accommodations or modifications to classroom assignments. 


    If you have questions about the work I sent home, an assignment on Google Classroom or you need more resources, please call me at 360-386-2395. This is a number where you can call or text me at any time Monday-Friday between 8:00 am and 3:30 PM.  If I don't answer please leave me a message. I will get back to you ASAP.  Please don't hesitate to call.  I know it might seem awkward, however we need to realize that we are in a new world of distance learning.  Staying in touch with all of my students and families is my highest priority!  


    Your child needs to log in to Google Classroom and accept the invite to my Goodle classroom.  My class code is:  bq6m6si 

    Most of our younger students Gr. 1-2 will need help to do this.  If you need directions, please call me at the number above.  I can send the directions to you by email or talk you through the process.


    Take care. Stay safe and be well!


    Barbara Hauschel