School Attendance Line

  • It is very important that your child attends school on time, each day!
     Regular, consistent, timely attendance is essential to school success, student learning and future employment habits. Life-long attendance behaviors begin with entry into school at the pre-school or kindergarten level, and continue through middle school and into high school until the student graduates. When students arrive in the classroom, it is expected that they will immediately begin to prepare for the start of the day or the period, and be ready to engage in the learning process when the school day or period officially begins.


    Determination as to whether an absence is a tardy, excused or unexcused absence is made by the school in accordance with law and policy. The role of the parent or guardian is to ensure that his/her children attend school and to verify that the absence was for an excusable reason.


    It shall be the responsibility of principals and staff to enforce the district's attendance policies and procedures. The attendance policy and procedure will annually be distributed and made available to parents/guardians.

    Reporting an absence:While a note or telephone call does not automatically excuse an absence, please call our 24 hour absence line at (425)385-5605 or email by 9 a.m. to report your child’s absence.  It helps assure student safety. 

    Doctor’s Appointments:  Please schedule appointments for after school hours.  If an early pick-up cannot be avoided, please return your child to school as soon as possible with a doctor’s note.