Attendance Reporting

  • Attendance Email:
    Attendance Line: 425-385-5605
    If you leave a voicemail, please provide a written note or email within 30 days of your  student’s first day back to school.

    We look forward to seeing your child at school each and every day. Regular school attendance is important, and we will work with you to ensure your child is present and benefiting from a world-class education. Please report your child’s absence by calling or emailing the school.

    If you need assistance or if you would like recommendations on how to help ensure your child’s regular school attendance, please contact your child’s teacher, or our school counselor.


    Did you know you can fill out a Prearranged Absence Form for any vacations, medical or personal reasons.  You can print it out and scan it to our attendance email or send it to school with your student.


    Prearranged Absence Form