• Welcome to Jackson Elementary and the 2023-2024 School Year!

    My name is Darren Larama, and this is my fourth year as Jackson Elementary's principal. It is my privilege and honor to work with this skillful staff, supportive community, and amazing student body. I feel fortunate to get to come to Jackson each day and serve the Jackson community. Jackson Elementary is focused on the needs of our students: we prioritize the health, safety, academic and emotional well-being of each of our students on a daily basis. We are focused on increasing student achievement and learning for each Jackson Elementary student.

    Jackson Elementary is a safe place where every student can develop a sense of belonging, a feeling of connectedness and community, and continue to receive strong instruction in academics. We will continue to emphasize and instill the characteristics inherent in our Jackson motto for each student:

    Jackson Silvers are in the right place, safe, kind, and ready to learn!

    To meet the needs of our student body the Jackson staff are engaging in several key priorities around shifting our math practices, strengthening our instruction in foundational reading instruction, and embedding social/emotional learning/instruction across the day. Our priorities are derived from student assessment data and the stakeholder survey data that many families and students shared with us in the Spring.

    I am looking forward to partnering with each member of the Jackson community this year. There are many, many important aspects of this partnership that begin with our work together in supporting your children, and extend into our PTA, Natural Leaders, and parent volunteers.

    We will be rolling out multiple opportunities for you to engage in conversations at high and low levels about our school, as well as participating in learning opportunities to help you support literacy and math at home. Every month I will send out a parent newsletter sharing announcements, partnership opportunities, and relevant Jackson Elementary data and statistics to help keep you up to date on what is happening at your school. Our school district provides many resources for parents on their website, including Parent University.

    Attendance Matters at Jackson Elementary. Our expectation is that each student attends school every day, for the full day. Please contact us if you need any support developing home routines to ensure strong attendance for your children.


    Thank you for trusting us with your children. We are looking forward to building relationships that lead to high student achievement with each Jackson Silver student.

    Darren Larama, Principal

    Jackson Elementary School


    425 385 5690