• Welcome to the Jackson Elementary PTA Website!

    Upcoming Events:
    BBQ/Movie Night - September 22nd
    Holiday Shop - December 14th
    Basket Raffle - March 23rd
    Monthly Events
    PTA General Meetings - 3rd Tuesday of the month @ 3:30 pm in the Library
    Movie Night - 3rd Friday of the month
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    -What does the PTA do? The Parent/Teachers Association comes together to support students and our school. We enhance the school experience by running social events, providing classroom grants, and supporting students and staff to enhance learning.

    -How can I get involved as a PTA member? Fill out a membership form and return it with $10.00/person or $18.00/family to the school office.  Please let us know if you would like to volunteer.

    -How to I contact the PTA?  Go to our Facebook Page.

    2017-2018 Officers

    President: Heather Blakely

    Vice-President: Jessica Tarantino

    Secretary: Dora Watson

    Treasurer: Jennifer Goodhart

    The Jackson PTA may be contacted at jacksonptaemail@gmail.com.


    Our Vision Statement:

    To partner in making Jackson the BEST elementary school for our children, families and neighborhood.

    Our Goals:

    • To CREATE a strong parent community and network where parents know each other and watch out for one another's children.
    • To STRENGTHEN the connection between parents and teachers to a point where parents feel like a part of the school and teachers feel like a part of the PTA.
    • To ENRICH the learning experience of all within the Jackson community.
    • To BUILD PTA as an organization that builds on the activities and membership of the previous year.


    Jackson Elementary PTA would like to thank Safeway for their participation in the eScrip program. 

    The Safeway eScrip program is a fantastic program where schools can earn money from purchases families are already making at their local Safeway. Over 250 Jackson families have registered their Safeway Club Card numbers and now every time they shop a percentage of what they spend is coming back to our school. 

    The money that is generated from this program has gone to many different PTA programs including teacher classroom grants, reading grants and assemblies. 

    Thank you Safeway for continuing to fund this program even as the economy has slumped. We VERY much appreciate your commitment to education even when (especially when) economic times are hard. We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing our partnership with you to fund youth education!