Welcome to Our School

  • On behalf of all the staff and students at North Middle School, I welcome you to our community of learners. Our students, families, staff and community partners are central to what makes North a positive learning community.

    North is the home of the North Stars, where everyone strives for excellence. We set high academic and behavioral standards for everyone. We have an outstanding school with a staff of teachers, specialists, educational assistants, secretaries, custodians, and food service workers who are committed to providing a high quality learning environment for all. We have a strong parent community and excellent students. North is a great place to learn and grow. It is a school where all are welcome and staff and students show pride in our school.

    Our focus at North is to provide each student with a rigorous curriculum with the support needed to be successful in middle school, high school and beyond. Our vision is to provide each student with the academic background and learning behaviors that will allow them to be ready to enter high school.

    We provide students with a rigorous academic curriculum, as well as a variety of extracurricular and social activities. Middle school is a time for students to explore their interests. We encourage students, as well as parents/guardians, to be active in our school community. Communication is the key to success in a school; it is the foundation of a solid family environment. Involving parents/guardians in the daily learning process is one of the most effective ways to improve students' performance, so we invite parents, community members, and other educators to join the North team and become partners in the learning process. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the school office at 425-385-4800, email or visit our campus.


    -- Mitch Entler, Principal