Dear Parents and Families,

    I just wanted to let you all know that I realize this is a scary, worrisome time filled with uncertainty, and it is difficult to continue blindly into the unknown.  We all want you to know that the FVE staff as a whole is here for you.  Whether we are together physically or not, we are still connected.  I will be available to you daily.  Although I will be working from home, I will still be dedicated to supporting you and your child to maintain the learning that has happened so far this year and have some fun while you do it.

    The kindergarten team will be providing you with a weekly learning and engagement plan that will assist you when trying to keep your student's education on track.  You will find these materials in the "Weekly Plans" tab located under the "Learning and Engagement" tab.  The Learning and Engagement area of this website is the place where I will be posting new material, so check back regularly to see if there is anything new for you.  Email will also be a common form of communitation, as always.  I will send out a "Need to Know Nightly News" and weekly updates with the learning plan at the beginning of each week.

    The rest of the tabs within the Learning and Engagement tab have links that will be helpful.  In the "Parent Resources" section there is a link about how to get started and some things you should do to prepare for an at home learning environment.  It will help if you try to maintain a consistent schedule and routines to keep it part of your daily life. 

    Please take care of yourselves and your families, play some board games, go for walks, and appreciate eachother.  Feel free to email me any time with questions or just to say hi!  I will be checking in regularly, so you are not rid of me yet :-)  



    Jackie Zarnick