Sequoia High School

Sequoia High School
Sequoia High School is an alternative high school for grades 9-12 in Everett Public Schools. Sequoia is a small high school of approximately 300 students. It offers a personal, family-like learning environment where students and their teachers work side-by-side on a first name basis.
The school year is divided into 8 terms which allows students to have a more flexible schedule, requiring a minimum of only 3 classes at a time. Students can also take up to 6 classes, which provides the opportunity to get ahead or catch up on credits if needed. Individual graduations occur throughout the school year when each student is ready to graduate.
For more information, call the main office at 425-385-5100 or check out Sequoia's website!
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Program Type: In-Class, High School Diploma
Cost: FREE
Ages: 14-21 (must be enrolled prior to 21st birthday)
Program Contacts: Main Office: 425-385-5100 
Jaimie Burton, Counselor: 425-385-5110, JBurton@everettsd.org
Kelly Shepherd, Principal: 425-385-5190, kshepherd@everettsd.org 
School Address: 3516 Rucker Ave, Everett WA 98201

Upcoming Intake

Upcoming Retake