• fairy Classroom Wish List
    (these items are always appreciated throughout the year, but are not part of the standard "supply" list)

    *disinfectant wipes

    *red pens

    * "Mr. Clean Magic Erasers" (They are sponges that can be found at the grocery store that easily take crayon and markers off our desks.)

    *Permanent sharpie markers (black, silver, or colored)

    *multi-colored Papermate  "flair pens" 
    *clear packing tape (for book repair)

    *For the eager & enthusiastic parent/grandparent: an "aquarium parent" or a "plant parent" for those with green thumbs or pet-sitting skills. Our classroom would house the small aquarium or few plants, but a parent would be responsible for maintaining it (tank up keep and/or taking home during vacations).