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    Thursday, April 2

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    I don't know about you, but I think it feels like it should be Friday already! 

    It was great to see everyone who turned out for the Zoom meetings yesterday! I've also felt fortunate to run into a few of you "in real life" over the past few days, which has been really fun. I'm going to brave a whole-class Zoom meeting tomorrow to get everyone togther for at least a few minutes, so please look for the meeting code in your email today.

    Students have been really responsive to the bulletins posted in Google Classroom this week, so I will continue to post one each morning (the Daily Bulletin for today has already been posted, and the Learning Calendar - see link at top of page - has been updated). I recorded a video with some feedback for students and have been trying all morning to upload that, but it's clear I'm going to need some tech help in order to get that accomplished...stay tuned. 

    Students: Please check on Google Classroom to see what you need to work on. 

    I'm here all day if you need me! Please feel free to reach out with questions or to ask for clarification.