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    Hello, all!

    I hope your week has gone well. I have posted another video update on Google Classroom to the kids and have included the message that is noted below the line after this update. I am attempting to get the kids signed on Monday morning at 10:00 am for a live video group chat. They will need to follow the instructions on how to get there as noted in the message. If they can not join “live”, I will post the recorded session to the Classroom for them to check out later.

    If you have any questions, are looking for more material for your child, please email me.

    Thanks so much!

    Marcy Fleischman


    Good morning!

    I have scheduled a Zoom meeting for our class to start on MONDAY, 3/30, AT 10:00 AM.  Here's the link that you will copy and paste into your tool bar. When you get to Zoom, it should ask you to download and open Zoom, which you will need to do in order to activate the link.  


    Meeting ID: 442 357 127

    Password: 361696

    I will post a reminder about this meeting a few times until Monday. I will also send your parents an email to let them know what is happening. We'll see how it goes!

    I will record our meeting session, if you can't join in, and I will post that on Classroom later.

    Also, note, I mailed the President information and iReady Participation update yesterday, so it should be in your mailbox today.  😊


    Class Code Update: Khan Academy HJQCQV6B - You can access Khan Academy from our Whittier website. I would like to assign "lessons" on Khan, so I'll need your child to activate their place in my virtual classroom. 

    Mrs. Heininger's library booksite link: https://www.everettsd.org/Page/7009



    Good morning! After this message is a copy of what I posted to Google Classroom this morning for the kids. I have assigned four Readworks passages for each student, geared toward their reading level.  Readworks links are on their Google Classroom page; they know how to access Readworks this way.

    I have also assigned a Virtual Field Trip on Discovery Education titled, The Science of Soil. Students go to the Discovery page and click on the link for the assignment. They all know how to do this. 😊 I have asked them to respond to two questions on a Google Doc and submit it to me. The due dates on these assignments is April…so don’t feel like they need to rush in to them. I just wanted to get more material out there for those that are ready.  

    Lastly, next week I will assign each student a president to create a Google Slides presentation on, as we did not get to accomplish this in class.

    Oh, and here’s a link for those not sure how to get in to their child’s Google account.


     Thanks so much! Enjoy the day!

    Marcy Fleischman


    Below is the message posted on Google Classroom to the kids.


    Good morning! I've assigned you each 4 Readworks passages as well as a Virtual Field Trip to a farm on Discovery Education. For your Readworks passages, you simply click on the link on your Google Classroom page, same as before. To go on the Field Trip go to Discovery in Student Tools and click on the link assigned on your page.
    Once you've watched the Science of Soil I would like you to answer these questions in a Google Doc and submit it to me:

    What are some of the different types of soil?
    What will good soil have in it for plants to grow well?

    Have fun!
    Mrs. Fleischman




    Hey, all! Welcome to my "official" web page. I hope you're all staying healthy and enjoying one another. Below is a copy-and-paste of the letter I emailed and sent home with your child this last Friday. This pathway should keep your child busy for a little while. Also, for website links to iREADY, EPIC, AR, PRODIGY, DISCOVERY, etc. all your child needs to do is visit the Whittier website, click on Students, and then on Student Tools. They all know how to access these sites. As I create classrooms in Khan Academy, and other locations, I will post any necessary codes in Google Classroom. 


    Room 303

    Sequence of Paperwork & Assignments


    Common Core Packets 11, 12, 13 – Begin with CC Topic 11. Work one to two pages a day. Please note, in packet 13 there will be a review of Geometry which we have not taught yet this year, so they may skip those.

    iReady Math – 20 minutes per day.

    Prodigy – Up to 20 minutes as well. I will be assigning various subjects over the time we’re off.

    All math is considered REVIEW as we’ve completed most of our curriculum thus far. Yay!


    Readworks – One Readworks passage every couple of days. I will begin assigning Readworks on-line as well.

    iReady Reading – 20 minutes a day.

    AR Reading – Daily AR reading is desired. The AR site is open to take tests, just like during the summer. I will be checking to see what they are doing. 😉

    Chapter books are encouraged!


    Please complete a page every couple of days. As we progress further, I may end up making more packets that you hopefully will be able to pick up at the front desk.


    I have a included a Summary page for your child to write a summary of their reading. Please have them complete this at least once a week. After you have used the summary template paper I have provided, students can write summaries on note papers. Please keep these as I expect them to return them to me when they come back to school.

    Readworks provides some short-write opportunities.


    Unfortunately, we are not able to open our Life Structures unit. I will look for videos and instruction on Discovery and inform you via email when I have assigned something.


    Thanks for your support and help in making sure your child continues their learning and review.

    Stay healthy!

    Marcy Fleischman

    Please email with any questions at mfleischman@everettsd.org.