Weekend Food Program

  • The Weekend Food Program is a partnership between Hawthorne Elementary, Bethany Compassion Center, and Hope Creek Charitable Foundation to support Hawthorne families that need extra food over the weekend when there are no school meals for kids. Each week, generous volunteers give their time and energy to purchase grocery items and pack food bags for students to take home on Thursdays or Fridays. Up to 50 students can be supported by this program.


    There are 2 Food Bag options: 
    1. A Rolling Bag that needs to be returned each Monday and reused/refilled each week.
    2. A paper or plastic grocery bag that does not need to be returned. 


    If you would like to request food support for your family, please contact Rachel Allen, RAllen@everettsd.org or 425-385-4646 to see if you qualify. If the program is full, your name will be put on the waiting list.

    For a current list of Food Banks in Snohomish County, visit:  VOA Food Banks

    For more information about food banks and meal programs in Snohomish County, visit the Washington Information Network: Washington 2-1-1 or call 2-1-1.  

    Your family may be eligible for food stamps. See if you qualify by visiting the Washington Connection Website.

Food Bag