• 2nd Grade Math Websites


    Websites for Students

    Operations and Algebraic Thinking (2.OA)


    Number Bonds II: students pick a target number 10 to 20 and then race to find pairs of addends that total the target number

    Zogs and Monsters: students pick an addend to focus on, then they race to find the sums before the monster gets them (can set addend from +1 to +10) 

    Island Chase Subtraction: students answer subtraction questions with single digit numbers as they race their jet ski around islands (encourages speed and accuracy)

    Numbers and Operations in Base Ten (2.NBT)

    Fruit Shoot Place Value: students click on the value represented by the place value blocks (start at medium and move to hard)

    Splash Place Value Game: students tell the value of the base ten blocks shown (1s, 10s, 100s)

    Gumball Surprise: compare two 3-digit numbers

    + 10 Game: Students click on the number that is 10 more than the target # on a hundreds chart

    -10 Game: Students click on the number that is 10 less than the target # on a hundreds chart

    Measurement and Data (2.MD)

    Let's Compare: count two quantities of money then compare them with <, > or =

    Counting Change Matching: students match the value of several coins with their total

    Clockworks: students set an analog clock to the given digital time (start with basic level)

    Time Teller Game: match the time with the analog clock (hour, half hour, 15 minutes, 5 minutes, and to the minute

    Clock Splat: match the analog clock to the written time