• Parent Resources


    Math Support Ideas for Parents Presentation - a video from the math coach on how to help students at home

    Illustrative Math Family Support Materials - parent letters about our math curriculum for each unit

    Growth Mindset Kit - gives ideas about how to support your child in having a growth mindset REMEMBER - struggling is promotes problem-solving and perseverance

    Incentives - these PBIS ideas can motivate your child Think of your biggest struggle and incentivize that 

    If you clearly explain what you want them to do and let them help decide on the incentives that they want, the result can be achieved (it may take patience and practice, so don't give up after 1 or 2 tries)

    • avoidance? then incentivize doing the work with only 1 reminder

    • complains about doing it? then incentivize completion of a task/assignment with no complaints

    • isn't completing work? then incentivize each piece he/she completes

    • arguing about the work? then incentivize when you tell him/her what to do and it is done without discussion 


    Asking Questions to Support Homework - asking questions can help your child  - they don't always need an answer or instruction when they are stuck

    Homework Without Tears - Gives tips on how to make homework more successful

    How You Can Help Your Child With Math At Home - grade-specific real-world activities you can do with your child

    Kindergarten     1st grade     2nd grade     3rd grade     4th grade      5th grade

    Online Math Games - games you can play with your child. Just choose their grade and choose a game.

    Off-Line Games -  YouTube videos showing math games that you can play with your child