• 40 Book Challenge - In our room, each student will set his/her own goal for the year. Many participated in a 40 Book Challenge last year and used that to set this year's goal. No picture books or written summaries this year. Instead your child will meet with me or another adult and discuss each book. My goals are for students to love reading and try different genres. They will not be able to meet their goals if they are not reading at home, so they have an accountability partner that they discuss their reading goals with daily.

    Birthdays - Your child may bring in a treat on their birthday to share with the class. We have a mild peanut allergy, so please provide something without peanuts or manufactured in a facility with peanuts. The food must be store-bought, ready to serve and preferably the same type for every student. Contact me if your child's birthday doesn't fall on a school day so we can decide on an alternative day.  PLEASE SEND NAPKINS TOO!

    Class Charter - Each classroom in our school has created a Class Charter. This is a document that captures how they want to feel at school, then they worked together to agree upon behaviors that support those feelings. Here is a link to our Class Charter.

    Contacting me - Email is likely the best way to get messages to me. I check it before and after school. I would prefer that we save the phone for prearranged calls.

    EPIC - We do not have a subscription to EPIC this year.

    iReady - Students will complete the iReady diagnostic in the first few weeks of school. They will then be given time in class four days a week to complete lessons. In Math the MCE goal is 3 lessons a week. Since iReady was designed to be an intervention tool in math, if students are at or above grade level on the diagnostic in math, I will ask them to do the Learning Games which are very challenging and engaging, and the weekly Challenge Sheet instead of iReady math lessons. In Reading the MCE goal is 2 lessons a week. This will be expected of all students, regardless of their level.

    Scholastic News - The $9 that you sent in will pay for 20 issues of Scholastic News. These are highly engaging non-fiction magazines with current events, science and social studies content.

    Snacks - Students get hungry in the afternoon, so after the afternoon recess they are able to eat a healthy snack from home.

    Specialist Schedule - 10:00 - 10:45 Monday through Thursday. 9:15 - 9:55 on Friday               

    M - Music, T - PE (bring or wear PE shoes) , W - STEM, TH - Art, F - Library

    Toys/Cell Phones/Smart Watches/Hats - All of these items need to stay at home. They are not allowed at school.

    Water - We have a water dispenser in our room. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle and fill it up at the beginning of the day. I will encourage students to bring their bottles home on Fridays to be cleaned. If they do not have a water bottle, there are cups available.

    Weekly News - I will send a newsletter home each Monday. It will include what we are doing in each subject as well as important information you need. After camp, this should be the only email I send, so please look for it and take the time to read it.