• 3rd Grade Math Websites


    Websites for Students

    Number and Operations in Base Ten (3.NBT)


    Math Magician: Select Multiplication, then choose the fact you are working on. Try to answer 20 multiplication facts in under 1 minute.

    Rounding Numbers: get 5 numbers rounded correctly and you take a penalty shot (soccer)
    Bike Racing Math Rounding: pick the number that rounds to the given number to increase the speed of your bike
    Operations and Algebraic Thinking (3.OA)

    Whack a Mole: students set steps of to the number they need to practice skip counting by. Then click on the number in the sequence that comes after the given number

    Matching Game: match the products with their factors



    Number and Operations - Fractions (3.NF)

    Dragon Drop: built a wall with fractions to keep safe from the dragon Pick: Like Denominators!
    Math Monster Fractions - students use the <, >,  or = to compare fractions

    Measurement and Data (3.MD)

    Shape Explorer: students use grid paper to determine the area and perimeter of given shapes  (Area Explorer is a variation of the same game)

    Measure It: students use a centimeter or inch ruler to measure line segments

    Perimeter Snatch Jr: students create rectangles with a given perimeter

    Perimeter Explorer: determine the perimeter of a shape on grid paper

    Discovering Elapsed Time: students match the elapsed time to the begin and end times

    Elapsed Time: set on guess and increase the levels as needed