• 4th Grade Math Websites


    Websites for Students

    Number in Base Ten (NBT)

    Multiplication Practice: Select the fact you are working on and practice your facts.
    Math Magician: Select Multiplication, then choose the fact you are working on. Try to answer 20 multiplication facts in under 1 minute.

    Matho: students are timed as they solve multiplication basic facts trying to get a Matho on a bingo board

    Tic-Tac-Toe Squares: students play Tic-Tac-Toe against the computer after answering the math problem in the square they want to move into (Medium-Super Brain multiplication OR medium division settings)

    Arithmetic Four: practice multiplication and division facts; choose whole number multiplication easy and whole number division medium with no time limit

    Factor Bones : give the bone to the puppy with its multiple, change the arrow to the right path

    Product Game: The Product Game is a fun interactive game that exercises your skill with factors and multiples.

    Matching Game: Match the products with the factors

    City Blocks: students decide what to do with remainders in story situations

    Operation Thunderstorm: decide what operation to use for given stories

    Estimator Four: Two players take turns estimating 2-digit multiplication products (set on CLOSE, level 1 multiplication)


    Number and Operations - Fractions (NF)

    Compare Fractions: use <, >, or = to tell the relationship between two fractions

    Math Monster Fractions - students use the <, >,  or = to compare fractions

    Balloon Pop Decimals: pop balloons in order from least to greatest

    Fruit Shoot: Compare Decimals: use <, > or = to compare decimals

    Concept of Area (4.3)

    Line Shoot: students click on lines that match a given term (ray, parallel, intersecting, line segment)

    Bisecting Figures: use lines of symmetry to bisect shapes


     Measurment and Geometry (MD and G)

    Measuring Angles - use a protractor to measure given angles

    Discovering Elapsed Time- students match the elapsed time to the begin and end times

    Elapsed Time- set on guess and increase the levels as needed