• June 15-19

    We did it! Another year in the books, and what a year it was. For our final week, the EPS Elementary Music Teachers have put together a few summer fun activities. Check out the links below, and we hope you have a wonderful summer. 


    Summer Splash Music Bingo


    Music Virtual Field Trips


    Guess The Disney Song





    June 8-12

    It's the second to last week of school! Check out this percussion play along from Musication. It's the same idea as the last one - choose your own at home percussion instruments and pick a part (or parts) to play along with. Get the whole family involved and have fun!


    Alla Turka - At Home Edition


    June 1-5

    Hello Fabulous Falcons! June is here and we are in the home stretch! This week is all about listening and spending time with family. Click HERE for the Family Listening Activity for grades K-5. Enjoy!


    May 26-29

    Hello Fabulous Falcons, and welcome to the last week of May! I hope you all had a restful Memorial Day Weekend. This week we are trying Boom Cards! Just follow this link (https://wow.boomlearning.com/), click on the Fast Play button, and enter the PIN for your grade level. 


    K- xct4

    1st - 8om58

    2nd - c67b

    3rd-5th - 25dp


    Note for 3rd grade: For an extra challenge, try playing each rhythm on your recorder. Choose B, A, or G for each card. 


    With the Fast Play option, I don't get to see your score. If you would like to share, you can always send me an email! 


    Have a fabulous week!


    May 18-21


    Hello Fabulous Falcons, and welcome to a new week of online learning! The lessons for this week are a little different for each grade level, so let's get to it. :)


    All Grades - Check out this Steady Beat Challenge from Mr. Baker! For K/1, this is supposed to be a little challenging, so I recommend pausing the video after each pattern so you can practice. Older kids - try it with your parents and see who can do it better! It's all about hand/eye coordination, so if you already play an instrument it might be too easy for you! Send me an email at knye@everettsd.org and let me know how you did. Hard? Easy? Did you get it on the first try, or did it take some practice? Have fun!


    K- After you try the Steady Beat Challenge, head over to MusicPlay Online and try their Beat or Not a Beat Game.

                      Username: snow      Password: 2020

    On the main page, you'll notice a bunch of games with images on the right. Scroll down and find the game called Beat or No Beat. Play as many time as you'd like, then share your score with me at the email above. 


    1st - This week we're reviewing solfege. Before we left school, we had learned the hand signs and the names for Sol and Mi. Sometimes you'll see them spelled So and Me, but they sound the same. Click HERE to watch a short story about Sol and Mi and review how they sound. Then click HERE to try the Sol Mi challenge! Listen first, then echo with your and signs. 


    2nd - We are also reviewing solfege this week! Before we left school, we had learned the hand signs and names for Sol, La, and Mi. Click HERE to see if you can complete the Sol, Mi, La Challenge WITH hand signs!


    3rd - This week we're reviewing note names. We barely got to this before the closure, so click HERE for a refresher. Note: In the video, the narrator calles the treble clef staff a "stave". Different countries have different names, so just remember that in the US, we call it a "staff". After you've reviewed, it's time to try it for yourself! I highly recommend using different colors for each note like he did in the video, because why not? Add a little extra color to your quarantine! Click HERE to print out some blank staff paper to practice drawing your treble clef and line and space notes. When your done, email me a picture! 


    4th/5th - I have a challenge for you! If the Steady Beat Challenge was just way too easy, give this a go! TikTok Hand Challenge Tutorial


    Have fun, stay safe, and I miss you all!


    May 11 - 15

    Hello Fabulous Falcons! If you are in grades 2 - 5 and you still need a google classroom code, email me at knye@everettsd.org.If you are K-1, keep checking back here for the weekly assignments. This week we are adding a little art to our music and making our own kazoo! This activity is for all ages, with varying degrees of parental involvement. 


    Follow this link (Homemade Kazoo) for a tutorial w/pictures. When you're done, email me a picture of your creation! Have fun Falcons!


    May 4 - 8

    Hello Fabulous Falcons, and Happy May! Google Classroom join codes were sent out last week for grades 2-5. K/1 will still be using this website. If you need the code again, just email me with the grade level(s) you need. 


    This week we are venturing away from our MusicPlay lessons to something (hopefully) a little more fun! Click HERE to play along with the Can Can using instruments you can find around your house. 


    1. find something that makes noise, like an instrument, a can, pot, potlid...

    2. Try to form 4 teams. Each team needs an instrument or thing that produces a sound and each team is then assigned a symbol.

    3. Play your "home instrument" when the falling lines and dots reach the respective symbol. Have fun!

    4. If you don't have 4 people, it's ok! Try one instrument by yourself, or try two at a time!


    *For K/1 - try the blue lines first and progress to green or red if you would like a challenge.

    *For 2/3 - try green or red first, then progress to orange. 

    *For 4/5 - try orange first, it's the hardest one! For the really long bars, do a drumroll with your instrument of choice. For an extra challenge, try 2 or 3 instruments at the same time. 



    April 27 - May 1

    The lesson for this week is week 4 of MusicPlay. Reminder: Each lesson has multiple components. It's okay if you only have time to complete one  or two parts of the lesson. I would love to hear how the lessons are going. If you would like to share a picture or just a sentence or two about how it went, please send me an email to knye@everettsd.org. Have a great week!


    April 20-24

    Happy Monday! My Google Classroom is on hold while we work on streamlining. In the meantime, please enjoy week 3 of MusicPlay online. Login with the username and password given below, click on the online learning tab, and complete lesson 3 in your grade level. 

    Username: snow

    Password: 2020


    Don't forget there are lots of other fun things to check out on MusicPlay online, like games and instrument lessons. Have fun!


    April 13-17


    Welcome back Falcon families! I hope you all had a restful spring break and are ready to continue this online journey together. Next week I will be launching our Google Classroom for grades 3-5. The content will be a continuation of what we have been working on with MusicPlay Online, but I am looking forward to the opportunity to give and receive feedback from students. Once my Google Classroom is up and running, I will send out a code for teachers to include in their newsletters. 


    Our lesson this week is Week 2 on MusicPlay Online. Please find your grade level and complete the week 2 lesson.


    If you have any questions, I am available via email at knye@everettsd.org. 


    Have a great week!


    March 30 - April 3



    MusicPlay Online


    MusicPlay is an online curriculum for elementary students. The creator, Denise Gagne, has made all of her content available for free during school closures! Most of these lessons will require some parent guidance, but keep in mind that the assessment at the end of the lesson is not needed at this time.


    When you click the link it will take you to the login screen. You will need to enter the username and password for the student section of the site. Login as an existing user. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.


    Username: snow

    Password: 2020


    This login is good until July 31st. Scroll down until you see the ONLINE LEARNING tab on the left side of the site. Find the appropriate grade level and start with lesson one. Feel free to explore different parts of the site as well. There are sections for ukulele, guitar, recorder, rhythm and melody practice, and lots of games as well. 


    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email. Have a great week everyone!


    March 23-27


    Welcome to Week 1! Just print and cross out all the boxes you are able to complete. You can do one box per day, or challenge yourself to do all of them in one week! Have fun!




    1st Grade

    2nd Grade

    3rd Grade

    4th Grade

    5th Grade