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Jackson Elementary Spring 2022 SBA Schedule

  • We invite all 3rd – 5th students and a parent to attend our SBA Parent Night Dinner on April 18th at 6pm. We will give an overview of our testing program, how you can support your child during testing, how to access test scores later this summer, and take a practice test together. Please join us!

    Here is the Jackson Elementary School 2022 state assessment schedule for 3rd-5th grade students:



    ELA PT

    Math CAT

    Math PT

    WCAS / Science

    3rd Grade

    April 19th

    April 26th

    May 3rd

    May 10th


    4th Grade

    May 18th

    May 25th

    May 4th

    May 11th


    5th Grade

    May 19th

    May 26th

    May 5th

    May 12th

    May 24th

    More info on state testing is available here: http://everettsd.schoolwires.net/Page/16044