Attendance and Prearranged Absence Policy

  • What is considered ‘’EXCUSED’’?

    To be considered EXCUSED, an absence or tardy must fit into any of the following categories:

    •  Illness, health condition, medical emergency, healthcare appointment (medical, dental, eye care, counseling)
    •   Religious purposes/ observance of a religious holiday/ participation in religious instruction
    •  Family emergency and bereavement
    •   Pre-arranged absences
    •   Authorized school activity / Educational program visitation or scholarship interview
    •   Absences deemed appropriate by an Administrator
    •   Court appearances


    State Attendance and the BECCA Law(RCW 28A.225.020-030)

    While the goal of the Everett School District is to intervene with students to improve their attendance, schools are required by State Statute to report to the Courts unexcused absences totaling 7 days in any month or 10 days overall.  Court petitions are required even if attendance has improved due to interventions.



    Attendance information to know.

    ·  Attendance email is or you can send an Excused Absence Form: to the attendance office **Please use this form when students return to school from an absence**

    · Homework requests can be requested on the 3rd day of the student absence, but the parent can always reach out sooner to the teacher via email.  


    Excused Absence FormPlease turn this in to the attendance office.
    Prearranged absence forms can be found in the main office. If a family vacation or travel occur while school is in session, it must be prearranged prior to the first date of the absence and approved by the principal or designee. Pursuant to district procedure 3122P, the principal or designee may excuse up to five (5) schools days for a prearranged absence per student each school year. Assignments requested for prearranged absence will be provided to the student or parent/guardian if requested five (5) days prior to the absence.
    PLEASE NOTE: Not all learning activities/opportunities can be reproduced outside the classroom.
    If you have any further questions please call the attendance office at 425-385-4823 or via email at