Online Databases




    Online Databases: To access each of the following databases at school or at home you will need to use the log-in information for each one.


    Encyclopedia Britannica

    This database is an online encyclopedia. It contains articles, photos, maps, websites, magazine articles and an extensive dictionary. Great for beginning research-getting key facts, dates, details to help you know and have general understanding of your topic.


    Gale In Context:  Middle School


    Opposing Viewpoints/EBooks-

    This database offers magazines, newspapers, journals, primary source documents websites, and more.


    Another Web Site that offers both sides of the newer controversial topics is: This web pages list the pros and cons for issues facing the public today. Each opinion has a will need to find the citation for that ORIGINAL source.



    Constitution Finder- This database offers constitutions, charters, amendments, and other related documents. No user name and password needed

    CIA- The World Factbook