• Uniform Information

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Boys Uniform Where can the clothes be purchased?
     You may buy uniforms at any location you choose such at Target, Old Navy, The Gap, Macy's, JC Penneys, Sears,  
     Nordstrom, Fred Meyer, Mervyn's, outlet stores, thrift shops, catalogs, etc. The Whittier plaid skirt and jumper are 
     available at JC Penneys.

     How many pieces of clothing will my child need?
     It is recommended that each student have at least 3 tops,
     2 bottoms and one piece of outerwear (school sweatshirt or sweater). This is a minimum and may  vary depending on how 
     often you do laundry and the child's wear on the clothes.

     How much will the clothes cost?
    If you buy the minimum pieces recommended, from a higher quality vendor, the cost is approximately $115 per student for the full year. This can vary depending on size, vendor, pieces selected and number of items purchased. Prices at outlet stores and thrift stores will be less .

    I sew, can I make the clothes?
    Yes, if there are questions about the color or style, please check with the office before you begin. The plaid skirt and jumper are available only at JC Pennys. Fabric stores do not carry the Whittier plaid.

    Are shoes part of the uniform?
    The type of shoes will be the decision of the parents and child.

    Financial Assistance.
    Parents or guardians may request assistance by contacting the school office for a Uniform Assistance Form. This form should be filled out and submitted to the principal by June 30 for all returning students. New students must return the form within 3 days of enrollment.
    A previously worn uniform clothing sale will take place in August. This allows parents to purchase previously worn clothes that are in good condition at a very reasonable cost.

    Will this program be evaluated and results reported to parents?
    The Whittier Site Council and Uniform Team will conduct an evaluation of the uniform program each school year for the first three years of the mandatory uniform program. Thereafter, this evaluation may be included in the school's regular review process. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the impact of school uniforms in the following areas:

    - Academic achievement
    - Attendance/tardiness
    - Discipline/behavior
    - School climate
    - Campus safety
    - Expenditures on clothing
    - Overall satisfaction of uniform program

    Information will be collected from school records (i.e. standardized test scores, attendance records, discipline records) and a survey of staff and parents. Results will be made available to parents.

    If you have questions that have not been addressed on this page, please contact the school office at 425-385-4300.