Avoiding Plagiarism

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    The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary defines plagiarize as "to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own." Avoid stealing by citing your sources. Give credit to the author/creator of any work you use.

    Paraphrasing is key to avoiding plagiarism.  Important to remember when paraphrasing is that you need to use your own words to explain and make sure you cite the source.  Try it below.

    TASK:  Read the following passage from Endangered South American Monkeys (Amanda Harman, Marshall Cavendish, 1996) then follow the directions below the paragraph:

    Since squirrel monkeys' most important food is usually fruit, female squirrel monkeys always give birth in the wet season when there is plenty of fruit available. Each female has one baby, which she carries on her back for the first month of its life. Soon the inquisitive youngster is old enough to get off and explore on its own. It learns all the information and skills it will need later in life by playing with other young squirrel monkeys. They chase each other through the trees, scream at other group members, and generally make nuisances of themselves. Squirrel monkeys are still quite widespread in South America, but they are in serious danger in Central America. They are losing their homes and food supplies very quickly as people cut down the rainforests. To make matters worse, in the past many squirrel monkeys have been captured and sold as pets or laboratory animals around the world.


    • Write at least 5 facts using the information above, IN YOUR OWN WORDS. This is called PARAPHRASING. Remember to write naturally, as yourself, since teachers know the difference between how an adult writes and how a middle school student writes.
    • Cite your source using the information that is given in the first paragraph. You may use EasyBib under Bibliomakers to cite your source.


    For a quick tutorial on plagiarism go to the following link. Yes, it may be geared for a university because it says university in some places, but the same rules apply for all people no matter what grade they are in or who they are.


    Free Bibliography Maker online:

    Use www.easybib.com to create a bibliography that will ensure you are not plagiarizing.

    To use this correctly, you will need to have all the information about the resource and input them into the correct fields. You are still responsible for finding the correct information and putting it into the correct fields. Feel free to watch the tutorial but ask for headphones so you can listen.

    A new feature in Easy Bib is a tutorial for you to follow and QUICK CITE. Quick Cite is when you just type in the ISBN number in one box and it will fill in the rest of the bibliography for you.