Welcome to Mrs. Alexander's Class

  • Image Hello Amazing Third Grade families,

    Thank you so much for your understanding, patience and support during this challenging time. In lieu of the recent school closures we have printed and put together learning materials for students to work on while outside of the classroom. We are also looking forward to providing online learning supports. Please encourage your student to read, and complete iReady lessons each day just as they would if they were in the classroom.

    A few easy things students can do without a need for technology...

    -Power writing: Give your student a topic, any topic is fine, and have themsit with a piece of paper and pencil and write as well as they can for a setamount of time, one minute, two minutes, 5 minutes. It doesn’t matter.Power writing builds writing stamina and keeps their brains active.

    -Read! Our library allowed students to check out 7-9 books in the past twodays. Please encourage your child to read every day and retell what theyread.-Homework Packets: went home on Friday. Please encourage your child tocomplete as much as they can.

    -AR Bingo sheet: Can be completed even if they don’t take AR tests. Yourstudent would just need to summarize what they read (Orally, written in ajournal or typed up in google classroom)-Cursive Handwriting Book-We sent home playing cards on Friday. Students can use these to playaddition/subtraction/multiplication/division games. A couple easy ones areSalute or War.

    If your student has access to internet, please encourage your child to:

    -Continue completing iReady lessons each day-Spend some time on Prodigy

    -Practicing their keyboarding on Typing club (15 minutes)

    -Do some XtraMath lessons toboost their math skills.

    -Epic: online reading resourceavailable during school hours only.

    -AR testsare available for homeuse. YAY!If they complete/pass oneAR test a week that’s awesome.

    -Canvas: National Geographic online resource games, and stories.

    -Check in to Google Classroom.This is a great way for students tostay connected while we are out ofthe classroom. We will be there! Come say hi!

    Instructions on how to log into Google Classroom from home:

    On a computer google: https://classroom.google.com/ You will need to have your student sign in with their school specific email address. 123456@apps.everettsd.org (Please see their personalized log in info sheet.)Once your student signs in, a “Rapid Identity” screen will pop up from Everett Public Schools. This is where your student will enter in their student number (ex. 123456) for the username as well as password. Once they sign in it should take them to our google classroom where they can see all assignments completed so far this year, and any comments from their classmates.

    Thank you for ALL for your continued support. I will miss your students terribly but will be available via email. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. Stay safe, healthy andactive. Can’t wait until we return!!!