• Kristine Violago Hello Amazing Vikings! 

    I hope you are all well and found some time to enjoy the sunshine last weekendBy now your child should have access to weekly speech-language activities via Google classroom, our district's website (link is to the left) or through paper packets (if requested). On 4/16/20 Becky Clifford sent her latest update outlining the new school day structureIf you did not receive or read her letter yet, please see this link (https://www.everettsd.org/Page/33538). 

    Over the next two weeks, I will be contacting you to develop and discuss the implementation of a Continuous Learning Plan (CLP), which was highlighted in her letter. We will discuss student/provider(s) expectations, time, preferred modalities (phone, email, Zoom, Google classroom), priority skills, progress monitoring and family supports. This plan will support continued development of skills and student engagement. Please remember it is not an IEP amendment AND it is not meant to replicate the special education services outlined in your child's current IEP. The new deadline to complete CLPs is May 8th.     

    If your child is scheduled to have a Reevaluation or Annual IEP meeting during this school closure, I will contact you directly to determine the best way to meet (e.g.: zoom, conference call) and review documents.  As always, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to support you. 

    Hang in there! We'll get through this together!  

    Kristine Violago, M.S., CCC-SLP, NBCT 
    Speech-Language Pathologist  


    (425) 385-5480