Welcome to Our School


    The amazing Silver Lake staff returned to work this week to prepare for the return of students for the 2021-22 school year. The opportunity to have our students back in the building every day gives us many reasons to celebrate. We are truly looking forward to seeing them next week for the first day of school on September 8th (Kindergarten-September 13th).  

    Focus on safety and well-being: 

    We are committed to providing a safe learning environment for all students and staff that includes both health precautions and social emotional support. Please carefully review the materials provided in this newsletter and the Family COVID-19 School Safety Handbook 2021-22.   

    All Everett Public Schools, including Silver Lake, will be making it a priority to spend the first 5 days of the school year focusing on the social emotional well-being of our students. This includes taking the time to fully integrate our kids back into a safe learning environment where all students feel welcome and valued as important members of their class. Consider checking in with your child each night and asking them about the fun activities they will be doing as students and teachers get to know each other and build learning communities. 


    Silver Lake Principal, Theresa Campbell