A Suggested Daily Schedule for Learning at Home

Posted by Joya Crawford on 3/21/2020

Hello Families!

I know many of you are wondering how much time to spend on each subject area while we are in this learning at home phase.  I know I am feeling like I should be doing more with my own kids.  This is HARD!  Don't feel like you are alone in this.  Please reach out to other parents and myself if you find yourself needing tips, ideas, and/or support.  We need to be here for each other.  With that in mind, the first grade team has developed a guideline of how much time you could be spending on each subject area.  Some kids will be able to handle more, others less.  Hopefully this guideline will help.  Don't forget to check my website and your email every Sunday for a weekly learning guide as well.  We can do this!  You've got this!

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