• Developmental Classroom Guidance Curriculum     
    Curriculum by Grade Level:
    • Kindergarten - Bullying Prevention and Child Protection
    • 1st Grade - Bullying Prevention and Child Protection 
    • 2nd Grade - Bullying Prevention and Child Protection
    • 3rd Grade - Bullying Prevention
    • 4th Grade - Bullying Prevention
    • 5th Grade - Bullying Prevention
    • Achieve Primary - Bullying Prevention and Child Protection
    • Achieve Intermediate  - Bullying Prevention 



    Bullying Prevention Unit - is a bully prevention curriculum. It teaches children how to recognize, refuse, and report bullying. For more information, visit: Bullying Prevention Unit.

    Child Protection Unit- is a child safety curriculum that teaches children skills to keep them safe from dangerous situations. For more information, visit: Child Protection Unit

    Second Step - Starting this year, teachers will be teaching the Second Step curriculum. It is a preventative program that teaches children social emotional learning.  Children will learn how to identify feelings, solve problems, and get along with others.  Essentially, this program provides them with the skills for everyday success. For more program information, visit: Second Step

    *I may teach additional lessons based off of teacher requests. Topics may include: growth mindset, grit, tattling vs. reporting, personal space, etc.